This is a blog about a variety of different subjects that interest me, Charles Rosenbauer. Mostly Computer Science, Math, Economics, and some other things.

I plan on putting a couple short articles each month, as well as a longer article for subscribers.

What’s with the name?

I’ve been working on a programming language called Bzo. It’ll be a while before I have much to show for it - the goals have changed a lot over the time I’ve been building it, and even now that the goals have mostly settled, I’ve got a lot of other work keeping me busy.

A lot of the articles here will have some relation to the ideas that are going into Bzo, as well as other projects I’m working on.

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Applied, Theoretical Programming Language Design, with some neuroscience, complexity theory, and other influences. Sometimes other stuff.


Engineer building advanced CPUs and exotic compilers, lead editor and researcher at Possibilia Magazine, and writing the Bzogramming substack. ~hilmec-difpes